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rFactor Data Acquisition Plugin 0.9

rF Data Acquisition Plugin is the tool of choice to make setups
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Dz Racing

The rFactor Data Acquisition Plugin is the tool of choice for people determined to do their own racing setups. rFactor has a lot of settings you can fiddle to improve the car handling, but without telemetry the process becomes a trial and error game.

So for all of those people that wanted to make the best setup for the car, Dz Racing created the rF Data Acquisition Plugin. This handy plugin converts all the data from the track, the car and the driver's hot laps and turns them into a Motec log file. This plugin even has a configuration file where you can modify the basic options of the plugin. You can adjust the samples per second, the activation key, the OSD and what kind of files you get as an output.

Version 0.9 of the plugin only supports Motec i2 Standard but the creator is already working to support the Pro version. In all this handy plugin is the choice of all the persons that want to get telemetry out of their rFactor laps. It gives you the ability to use a Data Analysis system just like the professional teams, this is a must have for all rFactor enthusiasts.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Excellent data acquisition program for rFactor


  • Only for Motec i2 Standard
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